I’ve been a writer and editor for over a decade with work that covers architecture, design, food, travel, science, crafts and more. My writing often focuses on people with a passion for what they do. I've written for Martha Stewart Living, Body & Soul, New Old House, Natural Home, Cedar Living, Scientific American Explorations, and more. My background in science, food and design allows me to work on a variety of topics, from cooking to house renovations to nuclear reactions.
I’m the person to call if you need to know about buying a custom-made hat, what makes pain au chocolat tasty (both in the gustatory and scientific sense—something I learned from studying at pastry school in Paris), and the hidden places that no one’s heard of yet. My reporter’s notebook is always full of cool information.
Although I am at ease with all kinds of topics, I'm currently focusing most of my efforts on food and travel writing. I've recently reduced the amount of magazine writing I do so I can focus on a book. However, I will occasionally make room for a stellar story or an interesting subject. To feed my need for frequent writing and to keep in fighting shape, I've launched a blog with two other food writers that chronicles our culinary adventures with our CSA shares—look for recipes, thoughts, and interviews with chefs, farmers and thinkers.
I've also scaled back on my editing work so I can focus on research and writing more. I’ve been a consultant and freelance managing editor for award-winning publications—developing content, assigning stories, and managing staff and freelancers to create a polished and timely publication. I’ve consulted for launches and re-launches, helping decision-makers figure out the competition, assess the potential readers, and look at the market—so they have the industry information needed to proceed.
What’s New
“Cabinet Precision”
Summer 2007
When decades of renovations leave homeowners with a mish-mash of styles, renovating can mean a kind of home archeology—sifting through the layers of recent years and settling on a cohesive design that maximizes modern needs. In one kitchen, starting from scratch means creating a  specific space for everything, with custom crafted cabinets.
“Building Greener”
Spring 2007
How do you start building resource-neutral housing with traditional craftsmanship? This profile of Steve Thomas (of “This Old House” fame) and Build Zero, his new environmentally conscious project, includes resources, LEED certification information, and architect Eric Corey Freed’s favorite green building materials.
April L. Paffrath
writer and editor